Question: What do you do with left-over pastry?

Answer: Make quiche, of course!

I had some left over pastry* from my Pi-Pie, so I figured that I should use it before it became un-useable (however long that is). I wasn’t in the mood to make another pie, so I thought “Why not make some quiche?” I had eggs, I had cheese, I had bacon… I didn’t have much else, but that would do.

I eyeballed that there should be enough pastry for about 4 mini-quiches, which would give me 4 meals**, so I cut the pastry in 4 pieces and went about rolling it. Now, I’m not that good at rolling really nice circular pastry, but I’ve decided that quiche doesn’t have to be neat.

Therein lies the difference between baking and cooking. For me, baking means being really precise about how much stuff I put in, while cooking is more flying by the seat of my pants. With baking I take meticulous notes, but cooking is just me throwing things in the pot/pan until it tastes good.

A good example of my cooking method is how I made these quiches. I only have 2 small tins, so I could only make 2 at one time. I got out two eggs, beat them up a little, added some pepper and cream, and then the cheese and bacon. I divided the mixture between the tins, trying to keep the division of bacon & cheese equal. The tins looked a little under-filled, so I added more cream of course.

I set the oven to 350F and put them in for 20 minutes. After that I glanced at them and saw that they still wobbled, so I left them in for another 10 minutes. That seemed to do the trick.

For my second batch I mixed up the eggs, pepper, and cream, and then divided it into the tins. Then I added the bacon and cheese, to ensure that each quiche had enough. When mixing it all together, I had to be careful not to pierce the pastry, but it only needed gentle mixing. Then, based on the previous quiches, I put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Et voila!

And that’s how I make quiche. I really liked the taste of the pastry, so I consider that recipe a winner. Also, I made my co-workers very jealous of my lunch***, so double win!

As long as it tastes good, it doesn’t have to look good.

*Actually, I think I made the full recipe of pastry that time, but only used half of it to see if I could get away with using only half of it. Thus, left-over pastry.

**I’ve started meal-planning lately and it’s working out really well, since I don’t mind eating the same thing for lunch 3-4 days in a row.

***We keep trying to out-do each other with our delicious foods. It’s quite fun.

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