Homemade Bread

I seem to be in a ‘make all the things I never wanted to make before’ mood these days.  Pies, tarts, bread…  What’s next?  (Oh man, it’s choux pastry, isn’t it? I’m not ready yet! I need more time!)

I was getting frustrated with having to walk to the grocery story for bread – bread which I could make myself if I bothered!  I don’t live near a grocery store, and I always squish the bread on the way home, so this was truely in my best interest.

I also have memories of when my mother used to bake bread.  She would make it in a large white plastic bowl & cover it and put it in the dining room to rise.  And she would always make small buns for my sister and I, so that we had something fresh to eat out of the oven.

Plus, homemade bread tastes better for some strange reason.

I found the recipe online, and it looked simple enough so I thought it’d give it a try.  I’m all about the simple, as you probably know by now.

The first issue I came up against was when it was time to incorporate the flour.  I always have this problem, even with pizza dough.  Bread is not my strong suit.  I tried to mix all the dough in the bowl by stirring, but I think I might have to use my hands more, and possibly do some of the flour-incorporation on the counter.  Notes for next time!

My second issue was that I thought I had 2 bread tins, but I didn’t*.  I only had 1 regular loaf tin, and two mini loaf tins.

Always check your equipment before you bake.  Ingredients, time, & equipment.  Be prepared!

After filling the big and both small tins, I still had dough left over.  So what’s a Newfoundlander** to do?  You guess it – TOUTONS!


I’m not going to lie to you – this was my first time frying toutons (because bread).  There was no recipe***, so I was flying by the seat of my pants.  I wasn’t sure if I had to make them into shapes and let them rise again, but I did it just to be sure.  They were a bit thick and I think I had the heat in the pan too high, but in the end it’s just salty, fried dough.  I also need to buy some molasses for future attempts…

Back to the bread – which I think turned out pretty well, all things considered.  I could see a few flour-spots (where the flour hadn’t fully incorporated), but the loaves made a hollow sound when I tapped them on the bottom.  I took the small loaves out a few minutes before the big loaf, but I think I’m safe to leave them for the full time.

I can’t rotate the picture for some reason.  (*shakes fist at technology but that doesn’t solve the problem at all*)

Once the buns are out of the oven you can brush some butter on top to give them that shiny, greasy look, or you can not.

Not quite perfect, but good enough for a first attempt.  Also, homemade bread = yum!

*the recipe is for 2 loaves, which is great for a single person who doesn’t want to be drowned in bread

**I haven’t lived in Newfoundland for years, but I was born & raised there.  You can take the girl out of Newfoundland, but you can’t take the Newfoundland out of the girl.

***I didn’t even stop to look up a recipe online. What was I thinking?!

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