Chocolate/Chocolate Holiday Cupcakes

Step 1: Make cupcakes

Step 2: Ice cooled cupcakes*

Step 3: Spend more time than you should mucking about with really sticky candy** to make holly leaves and berries, but you can’t use a knife because it keeps getting stuck in the candy and not cutting, so you have to use your hands, even though it means washing your hands a billion times in the process, and why is it so difficult – I mean you’re only making 12 of these things; all so that these cupcakes look festive.

Step 4: Eat all of them.



*I also cut the cupcakes in half and piped chocolate mousse in the middle, just to make them a bit more fancy.

**I used Airheads because I didn’t realize they would be that sticky.  At least they looked & tasted good.


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